How to use Pinterest for a Business [Marketing Tips] in 2022

In today’s post, I’m going to show you how to use Pinterest for a Business in such a way that not only you can Increase your Organic Traffic, but also you will learn how to Promote your Business using Pinterest.

I’ve never shared this before because with all the changes going on with Pinterest, I think this strategy is necessary.

So, Let’s get started!

Pinterest Marketing Tips for Business

how to use pinterest for a business
Pinterest Marketing Tips for Business

Now, I know a lot of people use Pinterest for business to Get Massive Traffic to their Website and some people also use Pinterest to promote their business because that’s what I do.

But the only way to get Massive Traffic to your website on Pinterest is to constantly get your pins to go viral.

Some Great Pinning Strategies for Pinterest

So, you’re just hoping that Pinterest picks up your pins to show them to a lot of people thankfully this happens to me a lot and I believe it’s all because I have good boards that I pin my pins to make pins that people want to click on and believe it has a lot to do with my Pinning Strategy.

how to use pinterest for business marketing strategies
Pinterest for Business Marketing Strategies

So I love Pinterest because I get a lot of traffic from them but I also can’t stand them because they are constantly changing and I have to constantly re-learn, how to use this Platform.

I’ve been hearing that a lot of beginners are having some real problems on getting traffic and some traction with Pinterest that’s why I want to stress to you guys the importance of learning how to get your articles to rank on Google.

So you can get Free Valuable Consistent Traffic to your website. This is the first way on how to use Pinterest for a business.

Every Question has a Solution

Now read this,

It is easy to start or set up a business account on Pinterest because Everyone searches for Everything on Google like if you have a question where do you go to find the answer for most people it’s google and what comes up in search results when you search for something it shows blog articles from people like you and me.

So just keep in mind that when you’re trying to write articles you want to be able to get on google and I can show you how to do that.


There are many Social Media Platforms to get Traffic in which you can earn a lot of money Like Instagram, Youtube, etc.

You can also earn money through Instagram by sitting at home

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I’m going to tell you how I get traffic to my website from google and how I make money but I still recommend Pinterest because I’m still getting a lot of traffic from this platform and can make your career.

But I do think It’s a good idea to change your thinking on how to use Pinterest for a Business instead of focusing on getting massive amounts of traffic to your website from Pinterest.

Power of Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing

I would focus more on converting people to read my articles from Pinterest to get on my Email List or Funnel, It makes so much sense because when someone visits your site from Pinterest they might just read your article and leave and never come back.

how to use pinterest for business marketing tips
Power of Pinterest for Business Marketing Tips

Yes, I may earn a penny if I have ads on that page and a possible affiliate sale but that’s it that reader is gone forever if they leave my website but when I get an email subscriber I have the potential to earn much more with that reader.

Because I can get them to buy my product if I had one or get an affiliate sale and continuously notify them when I have a blog post or a product to sell and this could make me so much more money in the long run with an email subscriber. This is the best field in my point of view.

So I can say that Pinterest is the best Market place for Business though you get a huge amount of traffic but this addition too.

If Social Media Platforms change their entire Algorithm

If you’ve been in the blogging world for a little bit you know that bloggers are always stressing to focus on your email list because that is the only thing that you own.

Pinterest Social Media Marketing plays an important role in growing your business.

After all, if Pinterest, Google, Facebook, Instagram & Youtube all went away or an Algorithm change happens very often we could all be in a very bad spot if we’re only depending on these platforms.

Because with your email list that is the one thing that you do own I can do a lot better with my email list and that’s what I’m gonna focus on next because when I’m hearing that bloggers are making a hundred thousand dollars in this field from just their email list I know that I’m missing out a lot of money.

Always Follow Your Competitor

So I suggest having a plan for your subscribers for when they do sign up and have a welcome sequence so they will know what you’re all about and what to expect from you if you want some suggestions on how to do this.

I recommend looking at your competitors and joining their email lists to see what they’re saying and how they’re saying it.

Remember you never try to copy you’re just using them as inspiration on what you could do with your email list and try and schedule your content out.

Temporary Traffic vs Permanent Traffic

I try and send something out at least once a week to my Subscribers just to remain relevant and personally I only want to hear from you by commenting below.

So Please Guys when you’re sending out emails just do once a week I think that’s enough.

It’s an easy task for you,

Because you’ll know they say that you only need 1000 followers to become successful so to make assists for your income you only need 1000 people to purchase a hundred dollars of product from you annually and if you sell something at 200 you only need 500 fans or subscribers.

If you continue to provide value to those 1000 fans they will be loyal to you and share your content with friends and family.

So Keep in Mind…

Just naturally these fans are not only your buyers but they are your most effective marketing strategy leading to even more of them over time.

So if you give your readers what they find on Pinterest a reason to sign up to your email list in your articles that is much more valuable than trying to get massive amounts of traffic to your website traffic from Pinterest just comes and goes it’s never consistent.

But your email list can just continue to grow but of course, you can’t even get an email subscriber if they never click on your pin to read your article, watch articles on how to create pins on Canva, and how to create your pins using PowerPoint.

Use Best Email Service Provider

Now as far as the email platform that I’m currently using is MailerLite but since I’m going to focus on my email list next I’m going to move over to ConverterKit.

My personal suggestion is that MailerLite and ConverterKit both are the best ways on how to use Pinterest for a business.

Because I feel like that is the best option for me to grow and do much better with my email list.

Now if you guys don’t have an email service provider yet I recommend ConverterKit.

Email Lists

Email Lists is one of the best and my favorite methods on how to use Pinterest for a business.

I’ve done my research and I think it’s the best email platform ever gonna be serious about your email list now.

I do have a referral link that will get you, 1000 email addresses list, for free and that’s more guys for a beginner and later on, you can increase your list and I’m gonna put that Link here if you want to do ConverterKit along with me.

This business email list method is one of the best email list management because here we can get a targeted email audience i.e targeted email lists.

Remember to be sure to join your Competitor’s email list because not only do you see how they’re doing it.

You can also see whatever updates that they come up with because this is a business at the end of the day you have to earn money and you want to know what your competitors are doing.


At Last,

So guys I have shared with you how to use Pinterest for a business marketing tips.

If you guys have any questions about this, let me know in the comment section below and let me know if you have an email service provider I’d love to know which one you’re working with and what if you’re happy with that email service provider.

All right as always guys if you enjoyed reading this blog, make sure to share and leave me a comment because that does help with the Blog Articles.

Have a great day guys, thanks for reading this post 😉.

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